Moon168 Education and Training for Offworld Enterprises

Among the many reasons for a space-based enterprise are: (1) providing new sources of clean abundant energy; (2) advancing planetary science and astrobusiness; (3) stimulating the development of spin-off technologies with terrestrial applications; (4) creating new jobs and economic activity; (5) exploring and terraforming the Moon; and (6) expanding human civilization to beyond Earth. [28] Private enterprises are already demonstrating leadership in designing new space-based businesses and developing high-frontier ventures, including a lunar casino.

However, in order for these offworld enterprises to be successful, they must offer a return on investment and attract capital. Moreover, the global community must develop an ethos and culture that will support and promote offworld ventures. This requires a comprehensive education system that will include interdisciplinary and inter-cultural studies with an emphasis on ethics and sociology.

It is also important to identify and train a cadre of scientists, engineers, and technicians for the development of new planetary industries. This group should be prepared to lead the design, construction, and operation of space-based systems and facilities. In addition, the group should have the skills needed for performing various tasks in orbit and for assessing and adjusting to the challenges associated with offworld living. moon 168 training efforts should be integrated with a variety of assessment tools, including psychological interviews and groups, instrumentation and testing, and simulation.