California Health Insurance

California Health Insurance

California health insurance is an insurance program which offers the people of California to pay the medical costs of the insured should he become sick of illnesses or get involved in accidents that are covered by the insured’s plan. The insured would pay the California health care companies premium in their preferred mode of payment.

Looking back, the concept of health insurance – not just California health insurance – started during the late 1600s when Hugh Chamberlen proposed this health insurance system. In the late 19th century, this was then called disability insurance because it included only the cost of injuries that had potential to make the person disabled and nothing else. Until the start of the 21st century, the California health insurance system covered only the insurance from disabilities. The other health care costs were paid for by the insured. However, during the middle to the late 20th century, health insurance like the 21st century California health insurance system evolved into the recent health insurance plan which is fortunately more comprehensive and covers for preventive care such as consultations and regular check-ups as well as preventive diagnostic procedures such as mammogram for long-term diseases such as cancer which would save the California health insurance company a lot of money if diagnosed in their early stages.

California health insurance policies are beneficial to people because of the high percentage of morbidity in the population, which may be attributed to the bad health practices of the potential applicants to California health insurance programs. Obesity, alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, and sedentary lifestyle should be blamed for the high percentage of the population that gets afflicted by these diseases. The California health insurance policies nowadays are more comprehensive and cover the cost of preventive, therapeutic, and emergency health care procedures. Some even extend its coverage to therapeutic medications and out-patient follow ups.

California health insurance companies entice their clients by frequently mentioning the term “adverse selection” which is a description of the probability of an applicant seeking California health insurance to acquire illness later in life. Of course, there are diseases that you cannot prevent no matter how good you take care of yourself and the California health insurance companies are well aware of that. California health insurance companies also assess the applicants, ask them detailed medical history as well as history of cigarette smoking and drug abuse, diseases and illnesses they have or may have acquired in the past. Those applicants for California health insurance policies with past history of long-term potential debilitating diseases that might cost a lot of money to the California health insurance companies are weeded out.

Because of modernization and advances in medicine and medical technology, the cost of health care has gone up. The California health insurance policies help the people of California by making expensive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures available, pay for emergency care, hospital stay, laboratories, medications, doctors’ fees and even out patient care in some plans.